Why You Should Try to Implement Oils in Your Hair Care Routine

Today’s post is a guest post by Naomi Hassan. It’s super timely since I was just talking about how Denise Richards’ hairstylist adds tea tree oil and lavender oil to his DIY sea salt spray. I hope you enjoy!

We spend our lives chasing the perfect way to keep our hair in top condition, and using oils like tea tree oil for hair care seems counter-intuitive. I know you’re probably thinking we should be trying to reduce oils so we can avoid greasy hair, right? Actually, there are a number of reasons why using oils in your hair care is a great idea. Below I’ll share why, and how best to put them to use.

Why should you be using oils like tea tree oil for hair care?

I, like many others, have been on the search for simple, yet effective ways to protect my hair and scalp and keep it healthy. You’ll be pleased to discover I know a number of benefits oils can provide as part of your regular hair care routine including:

  1. Oils are a fantastic lubricant. This means they work really well for helping detangle even the toughest knots, regardless of your hair type.
  2. Oils can help protect your hair from heat. If you like to regularly style your hair using curling irons or straighteners, using oils is a great way to protect your hair.
  3. Using oils can help your scalp too. Using tea tree oil for hair care for example, works well because it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which reduce redness and swelling in your skin.
  4. Keeping your hair healthy is easier with oils. Many oils contain fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that help to keep your hair and scalp healthy. This in turn encourages better hair growth.

Three top oils to choose and how to use them

I love how versatile oils can be and there are so many different types available it can be a little overwhelming. Here are my top choices for oils to use for your hair care and how to get the best out of them.

  1. Tea tree oil. Using tea tree oil for hair care is easy, as long as you remember to use it within a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. You can add it to water and use it as a hair refresher spray, or pop some into your shampoo to help treat dandruff.
  2. Coconut oil. This is the ideal oil for most any hair type, especially if you have dry or damaged hair. Once melted, it can be massaged into your hair as a conditioner, left in overnight to treat dandruff, or simply pop it onto the ends to work as a detangler.
  3. Argan oil. You may already have heard of argan oil, sometimes referred to as liquid gold thanks to it being full of antioxidants and Vitamin E that keep your hair looking fabulous and well protected. It’s also a much less greasy oil so you can use it every day as a shampoo or conditioner if you wish!

I love using a variety of oils like argan oil or tea tree oil for hair care. Now with my advice and tips you can choose your favourites and put them to good use; keeping your hair looking great and feeling healthy.

Author: Lindsay

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