False Lashes for Beginners

Here’s a few tips if you are new to lashes:

Start off with some natural looking falsies which are sometimes called “natural whispies” somewhere on the package. Ardell makes some great cheap ones which you can find at most drug stores. If you’re a first timer I’d recommend getting a double pack ($5.99) like this so if you make a mistake you have a backup.

You are also going to need to pick up lash glue and I recommend the Duo dark ($5.99)


You also may want a pair of tweezers which you can pick up at Forever 21 for cheap. These ones are $2.80:


So if you’re new to lashes or just learning I recommend starting with no eyeshadow or liner and just make sure your eyelid is clean and dry (not oily). if you’re more experienced you would apply your eyeshadows and liner before these steps.

1. Open your lashes packaging, but don’t discard. Put a dot of glue onto the plastic part of the package. You’re going to leave the glue on the package for the next few steps because you want it to get a little tacky which takes a while. Some people squirt the glue right onto the lashes, but I find that it’s much harder to control that way and you’ll get too much on some parts and not enough on others.
2. Take the lashes (they should not have any glue on them at this point!) and place them on top of your own lashes where you would want them. The shortest part of the lash should be by the inner part of your eye/closer to your nose. Be sure you don’t mix up the right and left lashes. Now look at the outer corner of your eye and get an idea how much you need to trim in order to get them to stop right there. Take them away from your eyeball and cut them with cuticle scissors or regular scissors. Be sure that you’re cutting the long end of the lashes because if you cut the wrong side they will be too long on the inner corner and will stab your lid all night long.
3. Put mascara on at least your top lashes especially if they are light.
4. Either dip the length of the lash band into your now slightly tacky glue or use the back end of the tweezers (not the slanted sharp part) and dip it in the glue then paint a thin layer of glue across the band. Be careful to not use too much glue and also make sure that you get some on the inner and outer corners since that’s where they lift (start falling off) first typically.
5. Pick the lashes up in the middle (on the lash part not the band) and place the middle part of the lash band onto the middle of your own lash line as close to your own lashes as possible. You might want to do this while looking down into a magnifying mirror so you can see what you’re doing. Take the inner corner of the lashes and use the tweezers to put it in place. Next put the outer corner in place near your lashes. At this point you may want to pull them out towards the outer corner of your lash line slightly because it’s better to have them closer to the outer part of the eye than the inner part.
6. Push the lashes straight in with your finger to ensure that the entire band of glue is connecting to your lid and carefully take the tweezers and press your lashes and the falsies closer together. Once the lashes are no longer sliding around push them up from underneath with your fingers to fan them out.
7. (Optional) now you can add another coat of mascara to blend the fake and real lashes (I rarely do this). If you didn’t get the lashes as close as you wanted to yours you can close any gaps with black liquid or gel liner.
8. Take an allergy pill if you’re like me and your eyes are constantly watering when they come in contact with the outdoors.
9. Pack your tweezers, lash glue, and a small mirror into your purse in case you need to fix the lashes at any point. You are now committed to these lashes and have to be in it for the long haul or else you’ll look like this:

Shoutout to Girl Get Glamorous for finding this amazing photo.
10. Yay you made it through the whole day or night with your lashes on! Not always an easy feat! You want to remove your lashes very gently. Take some eye makeup remover onto a cotton ball or round and hold it on for a few seconds to loosen the glue. Gently pull the lashes off. Peel the glue off the lash band and out them back into their original package because you can reuse them!

I hope you enjoyed this intro to falsies and maybe even learned a new little trick! I will do more posts on lashes down the line like where to find good cheap lashes, how to apply individuals, how to stack lashes for a dramatic effect etc. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover on Blushing in Hollywood please comment below!


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