Hi everyone! My good friend Molly has come out with her own line of hair extensions called girlgetglamorousHAIR and they are AMAZING! She has been working her butt off on this company for YEARS and has worked so hard to bring an excellent product with great quality and value to girls who love a good weave. Be sure to use the code “hollywood” to get 5$ off your purchase!

What are clip-in hair extensions?

If you’re new to hair extensions, clip-ins are a great easy way to temporarily add length and volume to your hair. You section off your hair, clip them in near your roots (this set is already cut into different sized sections and the clips are sewn on already), style your hair as desired, then take them out before bed. I have the 100% Remy human hair, double drawn, 18″ 180 grams set in shade 14/22 highlighted light warm blonde. This set retails for $259 and these clip-in extensions are just gorgeous! They’re so thick all the way down and incredibly soft. The 18″ ones are are super long for a very Barbie glam look. The website explains the extensions really well too:

The weft sizes have been specially designed so that a single set of extensions can be used three different ways: 1 – with all the wefts clipped in to increase fullness and length, 2 – the five 3.3″ wefts can be used to create a full ponytail, and 3 – the two 1″ pieces can be used to add fullness to front braids.

Here’s when I first got them and Molly styled them for me:

The 16″ 160 grams hair extensions set is tons of hair if you’re just looking for some great volume and length, but not crazy long and they are a totally reasonable $199.

Cat Ears Hair Tutorial

Let me start by saying, I take no credit whatsoever for this tutorial. I saw this one on YouTube, followed it the best I could, and therefore I’m reposting it here for you all to try and re-create.

The thing I loved about this hairstyle was that since my hair was half up, I didn’t feel the need to use all the wefts and so the tracks were easier to cover which is important for me because I have super fine hair. I was so happy when I saw that my girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions came with the 1″ pieces that made doing the cat ears themselves much easier. 

On an unrelated note, how snatched are those brows!? This was 1 day after Aruna snatched them by threading and tinting them.

Molly is such a hair and beauty goddess and has SO MUCH knowledge I’m so proud of her for working so hard and starting this amazing company with an incredible product! Go get your own girlgetglamorousHAIR extensions set right now so you can become your most glam self! And don’t forget to use the code “hollywood” to get 5$ off your purchase!

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