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I have been so bored with my hair lately! When I straighten it it’s flat and lifeless, curling it looks the same every time, and don’t even get me started about how terrible it looks when I try to embrace my natural once-curly-now-not-curly-enough-to-wear-curly texture. That’s why I was so glad to find this super easy hair tutorial that just gives your hair a “bend” or a very soft waves which is similar to how the Kardashians have been wearing their hair. It’s simple, fast, and will make your hair way less boring immediately. I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments every time I’ve worn my hair with soft waves like this so I definitely recommend it!

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Here’s the tutorial I used:

Tips for Soft Waves:

I don’t pull on the curl like she does because my hair “falls” or becomes less curly as the day goes on anyway so no need to loosen it up right away.

  1. While the hair is wrapped around the curling iron I slide the curling iron up and down slowly and gently maybe 1/4 of an inch so I don’t get a harsh demarcation in my hair where the heat is hitting it.
  2. If you want your hair to be bigger and have more volume, do a few wraps in the opposing direction.
  3. Embrace the imperfection of this style! It’s supposed to be easy breezy so don’t drive yourself crazy trying to make it perfect.
  4. It looks great on short hair too!
@khloekardashian on IG
  1. khloe-kardashian-bend-soft-wave-hair

@khloekardashian on IG

Tools for Soft Waves:

If you’ve never tried them, the ghd (stands for good hair day) curling irons are amazing! The ghd curve Soft Curl Iron has a 1 1/4″ barrel is a great size for this style and it heats up in 20 seconds!
Drybar’s ‘Triple Sec’ 3-in-1 Texturizer ($26) is awesome for giving your hair volume, body, and texture (duh) and smells incredible.
Drybar’s ‘Money Maker’ Flexible Hold Hairspray ($26) will give you a nice light hold to keep the wave without letting hair get hard or crunchy.

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