Quick Heatless Hairstyles on the Go – Fun Bun, Beachy Waves with Video Tutorial and, Braid Crown

This post was requested by one of my friends who wanted to reduce heat damage from blow dryers and and flat/curling irons to prevent it from drying out especially during the winter time. I think it’s a great idea because a lot of us are trying to not only reduce heat damage, but shampoo less as well to keep hair from drying out which requires some styling creativity. Here are some heat-less on the go hairstyles:

Top Knot aka Fun Bun

1. Top Knot– This one has been super popular for a while and it’s great because it’s easy, can be messy or polished, can be a work time or a party time look, and it can be done very quickly. This one is my go-to hairstyle and one of the only options that I like when my hair has dried naturally. I learned how to do mine after watching Nicole Guerriero’s video on YouTube and she really is one of the queens of the bun:

Nicole Guerrero’s Messy Bun Hair Tutorial

My favorite tip I learned from this video is putting a tiny butterfly clip underneath the bun to help it keep it’s height throughout the day. Here’s me rocking one at work, don’t take out the top bang pieces like I did though, it looks way cuter if you take out some wispies closer to your ears.


Low Voluminous Messy Ponytail

A low voluminous ponytail – when my sister told me that our friend Marci had taught her how to do the perfect ponytail I HAD to know the secret. Luckily Marci was sweet enough to make this video tutorial back in September for Blushing in Hollywood so I could share it with everyone. The looking up while tightening the hair is a game changer.

Here’s my pony tail after following Marci’s tutorial


Braids are also popular right now and can be done in so many styles with all types of hair textures. It’s also definitely possible to wear your hair with braids and not look like a school girl.

Loose Beachy Waves With a Small Side Braid

My friend Jessica Jay showed me this great low-key no-heat style that incorporates a braid in a work-friendly way:

1. Wash your hair at night or in the morning and let it air dry.

2. Part your hair on the side.

3. Take 1-2″ sections of hair around the front near your face and twist the hair using your fingers to give it a beachy-curl. If you want to use some heat and get more defined, long-lasting curls wrap small sections around a curling iron (without using the clamp). Here’s a little video example:

Loose Beachy Waves with No Heat Video Tutorial

Loose Beachy Waves with No Heat Video Tutorial by Jessica Jay

4. Hair spray the twist curls and add sea salt wave spray to the rest of the hair to give it some texture and volume.

5. Take about a 2″ section of hair from the front on the side where there is less hair (if you parted your hair by putting most of it on the right side then take a piece from the left side and vice-versa) and loosely braid it starting the braid not at the root, but a few inches down. When you’re braiding hold your hair horizontally and away from your face so it is braided towards where you want it to lay and so it will stay closer to your head. Only braid the hair a few inches and use a small (preferably clear) elastic to tie it so that the braid has a little ponytail that will mix in with the rest of your hair.

6. Use a bobby pin to pin the braid in place. Thank you to my friend Jessica Jay (hottest girl in LA) for giving me the idea on this one, this pic, and the video tutorial!!:

Jessica Jay's loose beachy waves with a casual side braid
Jessica Jay’s loose beachy waves with a casual side braid

I was especially loving Emily Blunt’s look for the Golden Globe’s this year.

Emily Blunt with a crown braid at the 2015 Golden Globe awards. Photo credit- Frazer Harrison, Kevork Djansezian, NBC, Getty Images

There’s a tutorial from the stylist about how to do it here, but it’s not very helpful (i.e. “Braid each side of the hair inside out and cross over at the nape of the neck.” French braid it? Inside out French braid? Wut?). I think what she means is do two Dutch braids on each side and cross the “tail” part in the back of the head at the nape of your neck and pin the ends underneath so you can only see braid. While this is a more time-consuming style depending on how quickly you can braid, the upside is that you can do it when your hair is still damp.

I hope this helps!

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