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Quickie Beauty Tip – Shaving Without Gel or Cream

Today I wanted to share a quick tip I learned this month from my good friend Jenna about shaving. Now Jenna, like me, is a product junkie. So when I asked her to borrow some shaving cream I was shocked when she told me SHE DIDN’T USE ANY. What!? She told me she just shaves in the shower with water and a razor! What about razor burn? Doesn’t she get more cuts? What about shaving gel’s moisturizing properties!? Nope she said, she doesn’t have any issues. I have been doing this method ever since she told me about it and I can echo that I don’t get razor burn from it or more cuts or anything! We’ve all heard in a pinch or to make your products multi-task you can use conditioner or body wash to shave with, but wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate a product?? It saves a little money, saves time, you don’t have that annoying thing happening where the shower gel keeps rinsing off before you use it, and I have yet to see negative effects. Plus it’s a few less chemicals on your skin!

Here’s some tips if you want to try it: Continue reading Quickie Beauty Tip – Shaving Without Gel or Cream