Blushing in Hollywood Turns Four

OMG 4 years!!

Blushing in hollywood turns 4

Reflecting on our lives is so crucial! When we don’t we can forget just how far we have come!! Although I am eternally feeling guilty about neglecting my blog, my oh my has she grown! You can check out my very first blog post with a few bullet points on why I started the blog here: #tbt.

Best of 2018

I have to admit it: I’ve only put up a few posts in 2018. My favorite so far is Starting a Blog or Website because I honestly think anyone who is inspired should do make their own blog or website!

Although I don’t post tons of new content I actually add more content to my top posts often. I have tons of Real Housewives/Bravolebrity’s beauty secrets posts that I add too all the time. I actually truly nerd out and spend weeks and sometimes months on these posts. Like I need to know EVERY cosmetic procedure Ramona Singer has had and give you all the TEA!!

My Southern Charm posts have been gaining traction this year. People want to know Cameran Eubanks and Patricia Altschul’s beauty secrets. I figured they may want Naomi Olindo’s as well!

Be on the look out for Kelly Dodd from Real Housewives of Orange County up next!

Self Improvement

Motivation Monday has been my most consistent content of the year and some of my best, but it’s only on Instagram! My IG friends have really responded to it and I love when they tell me that my advice or encouragement was exactly what they needed to hear! I have everything from how to wake up earlier to how to stop complaining. Baby goals, confidence, self care, generosity, just start, and setting the tone are a few other faves. These are all saved as highlights on my Instagram @blushinginhollywood.

Some self help blog posts I’m really proud of are The Ultimate Breakup and Recovery GuideHow I Changed My Life, and You Don’t Have to Try so Hard.

Would you be interested in seeing more self improvement blog posts? Would you want an email newsletter with them? Let me know!


I’ve still been brainstorming about niching down on my blog’s content. I know that my dating stories and dating advice are some of people’s faves. They are the posts that people tell their friends about and that people look forward to the most. BUT I still struggle with just how much to share.

With dating apps now connected to Instagram people I date or might date can see everything I post. I would never want to make someone who is putting them selves out their feel embarrassed (unless they should be embarrassed of their behavior).

These days it can be really tough to make deeper connections in the first place. I don’ want to make people feel like they can’t trust me. My sister has told me I need to make dating more of a priority and I totally agree.

I recently had an interview to be on a reality dating show and one of the craziest dates of my life. Both of which I really need to blog about ASAP.


Since I’m turning 32 in a few weeks I’ve been really trying to step up my skin care game! I post a ton about it including mini hauls and reviews on Instagram. I’d also love to get more Botox

I’ve also posted a few guest posts lately because they have really hit it out of the park with the awesome content. Check out the guests posts 5 Skin Care Products Worth The Price Tag10 Things You Should Do After Bleaching Your Hair, and Botox vs. Dysport. I only ever accept guests blog posts that I would actually be interested in reading, and hopefully you all will enjoy them too!


OMG blogging about travel is still such an insecurity of mine (same as last year)! Thanks to Instagram people have the most incredible travel photos and I never feel like my travel blog posts don’t measure up.

I’m always torn between posting a handy and informal list of faves and adding photos and pretty touches later on vs. trying to only post superb content. #recoveringperfectionist

Since last year I have been to Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Jupiter (Florida my hometown), San Francisco, NYC, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I haven’t posted new blog content about any of them (oops)! On the bright side I’m still basically obsessed with almost everywhere on my LA Guide – Hollywood even though it’s from 2016!


With the popularity of my all time most viewed post  DIY Ikea ALEX Vanity I figured you may be interested in a DIY pink IKEA nightstand I made. I brought everyone on the way longer than necessary journey via Instagram, but it deserves it’s own blog post so stay tuned!

The Future

Again I’m so so grateful for all of the love an support and want to keep creating great entertaining and helpful content! If you have any requests please comment them down below!





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