Halloween – Five Scary Costume Ideas

What I wore to Sue Wong’s LA Style Fashion Week fashion show.

It’s almost time for Halloween so I wanted to give everyone some inspiration. I’m going to start with the scary/bloody/gory/creepy costumes because this year I’m dying to get into some fake blood myself.

American Horror Story

Many people have recommended this one to me and it’s super popular right now, but tbqh I’m still scared to watch it haha! Here’s some inspiration:


Desi Perkins does an amazing job on this American Horror Story Freakshow Inspired tutorial:

Another option is the White Nun:


Ah the ever popular zombie.

For a girly twist you can try Michelle Phan’s Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Zombie’s:

Or Desi Perkins Zombie Flapper

Another glam/girly twist is a Pin-up Zombie again by Nicole Guerriero:

Creepy Dolls


I LOVED the movie Bride of Chucky so I was thrilled to see Shaaanxo do a Halloween look inspired by the movie:

You can also do the Annabelle Doll from the Conjouring, but beware this is the scariest makeup tutorial I’ve ever seen:

This one is a fun twist- Pre- and Post-Op Barbie by Glam&Gore:


Who doesn’t have a fear of these things? You can go AHS Freakshow inspired like in #1 or go for something more traditional or colorful.

LustreLux also did another seriously creepy clown, I love how she always keeps it real with what works and what doesn’t:

MadeYewLook Tutorial

Feel like showcasing some super advanced makeup skills this Halloween? MadeYewLook is absolutely incredible check out her channel for tons of inspiration:

I LOVE this one from MadeYewLook it’s just so unique it’s a Black and White Bride of Frankenstein:

The Purge


Solid Rhinestone Devil 

Scary Mermaid Tutorial

Also loving this Hooked Mermaid SFX Ariel by beeisforbeauty

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