Lilly Ghalichi’s Makeup Tutorial Part One – Skincare, Foundation, Brows, and Bronze Smokey Eye


Lilly Ghalichi had a live makeup tutorial using one of her many professional makeup artists Bria Valencia (Instagram @BriaMakeup) on 8/15/14 and I watched it for Blushing in Hollywood research purposes đŸ˜‰ If you don’t know Lilly, she is a reality TV star from Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset where she was referred to as Persian Barbie.

Lilly is not just a pretty face she is also an attorney, a fashion designer, a (very successful) business owner, and a blogger as well. Lilly is from Houston (but lives in LA) and as a native Texan she loves big hair and big glamour.

She typically rocks a very full face, several pairs of false eyelashes, and lots of contouring. She even mentioned in the class that she hates makeup artists that only use a little bit of foundation and pinch your cheeks for a “natural look” because she wants to look like she is wearing makeup.

Lilly Ghalichi’s Skin Care

She started with skin care and Lilly swears by Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub ($6)

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

This was the first product that I immediately added to my shopping list. She said she needs a good scrub because she wears so much makeup and I’ve been feeling like I need something to give me a deeper clean as well.

She then went on to say she loves Murad skin care products and you can read more about what skin care products Lilly loves on her blog.

Lilly Ghalichi’s MAKEUP


Lilly started off with a moisturized face, but does not like primer and Bria also does not use makeup primer.


1. Bria applied a very generous amount of MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation ($30) onto Lilly’s face with a synthetic foundation brush all over.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Bria then blended it into the skin by tapping it in with a dry beauty blender. The beauty blender is supposed to be used damp and will soak up a lot of makeup if you use it dry. It’s also not nearly as soft, but this is the way she does it.

beauty blender
Beauty Blender makeup blending sponge

Applying a lot of foundation will give you a super flawless look and will also make your makeup last longer. I’ve used this foundation for a long time and it is very full coverage and gives a nice flawless finish.


2. Next she filled in Lilly’s eyebrows using MAC eyeshadow in Espresso (dark brown matte color). She put the most product in the arches to define them. I was surprised that Lilly said that she barely shapes her brows because she likes them extremely full and bold.

MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso
MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso

When Lilly does her own makeup she uses Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powders in dark gray or dark brown.

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Carving Out the Brows with Concealer

3. Bria then took a concealer brush with some Giella Cosmetics concealer in #1 ($30) and cleaned up Lilly’s brows in order to make them look extra sharp and highlighted. What I mean by this is that she used the brush to draw a thin line of concealer all the way around the outline each of Lilly’s eyebrows. The concealer is a lighter color than the foundation so when you go around the edges of the brow you get a very sharp light line and they look very defined or ‘carved out’.


Bronze Smokey Eye

4. Next she did a bronzey smokey eye on Lilly because that is her favorite/signature eye look. She just used a bunch of different browns and layered them for more dimension and definition.

The big tip on this step was when you’re applying your crease color(s) bring the shadow from the outer corner of the crease all the way to where the inner corner/bridge of the nose meet. This is supposed to give you a more sultry smokey appearance.

Bria uses the Giella concealer again as an eyeshadow base. Some of the eyeshadows she used were MAC eyeshadows in Embark and Cork, and MAC Museum Bronze pigment ($22) on the lid.

MAC Pigment in Museum Bronze picture from
MAC Pigment in Museum Bronze picture from


Gel Eyeliner

She then used a black gel eyeliner- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (a staple of mine) to line the upper lid and smudged it with a brush to keep it smokey (vs. precise).

MAC Fluidliner gel eyeliner in Black Track
MAC Fluidliner gel eyeliner in Black Track


False Lashes

5. Next it was time for false lashes. Bria curled Lilly’s lashes once after foundation and once again before applying the falsies.

Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly Ghalichi has her very own brand of falsies which you can purchase here for $11/pair. She applied them in pretty much the exact way I showed you in my False Lashes for Beginners post. She even used the same Duo Dark lash adhesive that I recommended.

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How to Stack False Lashes

Lilly stacks her eyelashes which means she wears two pairs on each eye at a time. She first applied her Lilly Lashes in “Tehran” (no longer available) and once they dried she applied her Lilly Lashes in “Paris” right on top in the same way. Lilly lashes have an invisible band which makes them ideal for stacking. They are also pre-curled to make the eyes appear more open.

Lilly Lashes in Paris
Lilly Lashes in Paris – Photo:

Bria then applied the rest of Lilly’s makeup before adding mascara at the end in order to let the lash glue dry.

Woo! That was already a lot! I’m going to break this post up because that 2 hour lesson was chock-full of great information on how to get super glam. Stay tuned for how Lilly highlights and contours, how she gets her amazing glow, and what products she thinks you should save $ on by buying at the drugstore!

Lilly Ghalichi’s Makeup Artist

Follow Makeup Artist Bria Valencia on Instagram @BriaMakeup

Lilly Ghalichi’s Instagram

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  1. I saw Lilly’s face wash routine and my first thought was, “somebody needs to tell her about face cleansing oils!” DHC and Shu Uemura make great ones at different price points. They completely dissolve your makeup, you rinse, then wash your face. Washing with a scrub, without taking your makeup off first, will only push the makeup deeper into your pores. …Great summary of the lesson, will read part 2 now!!


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