Traveling in Style – What to Wear to the Airport and What to Pack

How to look classy while traveling- 3 tips I learned from style icon Derek Blasberg and ALWAYS use to look chic and put together while still comfortable!

Bonjour! Just practicing my French because I’m headed to Paris for the first time ever in a week and a half!! While preparing for my trip I had to take a look at this book I have to see if it had any European travel tips. The book is Classy by Derek Blasberg and in it I learned a few VERY good tips that I still use this day:

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Pashmina Pillow

Airplane blankets are great for your lap, but who wants that near their face!? Bring a pashmina it can help keep you warm or be rolled up into a ball and used as a pillow. I have this cashmere one¬†(here’s one that’s half the price) from Nordstrom¬†in black and take it on all my trips.

Undergarment Bag

Derek shares a nightmare-like situation that happened to him while returning from traveling in the book that involved his suitcase breaking and all of his underwear coming out one by one on the conveyer belt one by one at baggage claim.

I decided I never needed that to be me and promptly purchased a mesh travel bag that zips (similar to this) and never looked back. I keep all underwear, bras, socks, and bathing suits in it and it works great.

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Chic Yet Comfortable Travel Outfit

Derek makes a great point when he says that the airport is a great place to meet good guys who can afford to travel!

While I don’t always dress up (or even wear makeup) on flights, it’s nice to put a little bit of effort into your look. He recommends comfortable jeans, a classic white tee, a fitted jacket or sweater, and heeled boots that are easy to get on and off. Here’s a photo from the book:

Airport/traveling outfit inspiration from Derek Blasberg’s book Classy

As long as you are comfortable in this outfit I think it’s an excellent outline of something comfortable yet chic to wear! Happy Travels!

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