NARS Ita Brush Dupe

As an Amazon Prime member and shopaholic, I have bought all kinds of makeup and skin care goodies online hoping that they will live up to their great reviews. Spoiler alert: this NARS Ita brush dupe did.

NARS ‘Ita’ Kabuki Brush

For a long time I lusted after the NARS ‘Ita’ Kabuki Brush, but at $55 I never could bite the bullet and actually purchase it.  I also had watched a video review where the girl talked about how badly the brush shed and how disappointing it was which made me decide it probably wasn’t worth the price tag.


The reason why I wanted this brush is because the way that it is shaped makes it perfect for cutting your cheekbones aka contouring your cheeks, contouring down the sides of your nose to make your nose appear slimmer, and contouring your jaw-line to make it more defined.

Amazon NARS Ita Brush Dupe

When I saw the Kingfansion Professional Flat Contour Blusher Kabuki Blush Brush Makeup Cosmetics Tool (lol what a name) I figured it probably wouldn’t be exactly like the NARS Ita brush, but at only $1.90 (currently $3.99 with free shipping) I figured it was worth a try.

This knock-off even says “NARS” on the side! You can see from the 2 pictures that the bristles on the Amazon version are slightly longer and according to the reviews they are softer on the Amazon version than the NARS version. The NARS Ita’s shorter, more dense (and less soft) bristles can make a very sharp line, but I like that the Amazon version’s are a bit softer and longer because I can make the sharp line, but then blend it out more easily. I’ve had this brush for about 5 months and have not had any issues with it shedding which is great. I definitely recommend this brush!

My Favorite Contouring Powders

On a typical day (or night out) I generally stick to powder contours (as opposed to liquid/cream contour products). My favorite this summer has been the Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder (~$30 for 0.28oz or I bought the 0.14 Travel Size for $15 because it lasts forever). This is a great matte bronzer that can work to both bronze and contour fair to medium skin:

If I want a more intense contour I use theBalm Bahama Mama ($18 for 1.6oz). This is a great matte bronzer powder for fair to light skinned girls looking for an intense contour or medium to medium-dark sinned girls looking for a good bronzer/contour.

If you want to learn more about contouring check out my previous posts: How I Contour My Face and Lilly Ghalichi’s (and Kim Kardashian’s) Tips and Tricks – Part Two.

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