How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Today’s post and video are about everyone’s least favorite part about makeup- cleaning your brushes! In this video I show you 3 different ways that I clean mine. They are:

1. The Solid Beauty Blendercleanser retails for $16 so I recommend getting it in a value package with a beauty blender. For example you can get 1 beauty blender (typically $20) plus a full sized Solid Blendercleanser for $25.
Original Beautyblender with Solid Blendercleanser

Is the Solid Blendercleanser just an overpriced tiny bar of soap? Probably, but I used to rub my first beauty blender on a bar of Dove soap thinking it was the same thing and I tore it up VERY quickly which is why I purchased the Blendercleanser this time.

I also discovered how useful it was when I was traveling. I feel like vacation is the only time I have the opportunity to go ALL OUT with my makeup. Cleaning smokey jade eye shadow and glitter out of brushes is a must! It also won’t leak in your bag and you don’t have to worry about the TSA limits on carry-on liquids.

2. An antibacterial hand soap, shampoo, or baby shampoo.  You can also use Castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid soap to clean both makeup brushes and a beautyblender. In a pinch you could use face wash as well.

3. Equal parts olive oil and antibacterial dish soap – This is my main method of cleaning brushes at home and you can do it while traveling if you’re staying with friends and family. This will clean and then condition your brushes nicely. Put equal parts of each together in a cup or on a plate, dip a brush in, then work the soap in to the bristles by moving it around in the palm of your hand.

I also mention in the video that I use the MAC Brush Cleanser to spot clean while I’m doing my makeup. It’s $16 for 7.9oz. and I’ve had my bottle for a few years now since I try to use it sparingly.

Check out my video where I give a whole bunch of additional tips and tricks for cleaning your brushes:

One product not mentioned that I recently bought is Cinema Secrets Professional Brush CleanerI bought the 2oz. spray for $8 because I wanted to try it out before buying a big bottle. You spray your dirty brush a few times then wipe it off on a paper towel. This is great for when you need to use a certain brush, but realize it’s dirty and you need to clean it in a rush.

The pros of this brush cleaner are the quick drying rinse-free formula. This means no actual “washing” is necessary, and  your brush is immediately dry like magic.

I will say that on a big fluffy brush it can take me several spray and wipe repetitions to get most of the product off, but it might be more powerful if you dip the brush in like they recommend with the bigger bottles.

At 2oz. this is TSA carry-on bag travel friendly, but you run the risk of it leaking in your bag.
Cinema Secrets Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner


How do you clean your makeup brushes? Did you see my last post on why you should skip shaving cream?

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