My Awkward Date Immortalized in Cartoon

I was bored and browsing Twitter the other day (btw let’s be Twitter friends! I’m @blushinginhwood) when I saw OKCupid had posted this:


I thought “I’m a dating blogger, I’ve got this” and sure enough they picked mine!:



When people ask me about awkward dates I’ve been on or bad dates I’ve been on this one usually pops into my mind immediately. This was one of my first OKCupid dates and boy was it uncomfortable. This guy ended up moving to another state within the week which sort of explains his outrageously terrible behavior- he just didn’t really care how the date went. I guess the lesson I learned from this one is if a guy talks to you like this don’t make excuses, RUN. He’s not “nervously saying the wrong thing” or “someone with a bold personality” he’s an idiot who is not respecting you. I went on plenty of great OKC dates after that with great guys and have never been asked those questions again TG.

I highly recommend checking out more #dontbemine dates drawn into cartoons by OKCupid because they are hilarious.

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