Cynthia Bailey’s Beauty Secrets

Ms. Cynthia Bailey the supermodel entrepreneur on Real Housewives of Atlanta just turned 50. Fifty years old ladies and gentleman! She looks absolutely incredible so I just HAD to do some research and find out what her beauty secrets are. I’ve even seen Cynthia in passing at the Grove in Los Angeles and she was absolutely stunning just like a supermodel should be.

“The thing that modeling has taught me about beauty is that it’s really individual. I work with so many different types of beauties, as a model. It’s not so much traditional. It’s about working with what you have and owning it. Confidence is so much of a part of being beautiful. I’ve met so many women who weren’t model-beautiful. Their confidence and everything about them is so beautiful to me.” – Cynthia Bailey (Source)


Cynthia Bailey’s Skin Care

Vaseline: “Don’t rule out Vaseline,” she advises. It’s the pristine-skinned model’s go-to moisturizer in a pinch. Elbows, knees, lip balm — she even carries a little pot of it in her purse everywhere she goes. (Source)(Note: My comments and recommendations are italicized.)

For something a bit more decadent, she recommends Caswell-Massey Travel Size Natural Hand Lotion. (Source)


Makeup Wipes: “In terms of skincare, I live and die for makeup wipes. I have them with me all the time and as soon as I get done working, doing a scene, I need to just wipe my face. I like Neutrogena, and Oil of Olay. But, I don’t swear by just one specific one—I’ve tried them all to be honest. One of the things people don’t understand or don’t realize is they feel like they wipe their face with a makeup wipe and then it’s totally clean. It’s not! That’s just a temporary routine until you wash it for real. You still have to clean your skin after the makeup wipe because if you go over with some toner, you could see your makeup is still on it. So your skin is not totally clean until you actually clean it after that. That’s just a pre-clean, ok?” (Source)

Exfoliating: “Also I’m very big on exfoliation. I do daily exfoliation. I have always been a fan of exfoliating. Skincare is very individual. I can tell you that a daily exfoliate is very important to keep your skin glowing, and I think it is very good in terms of not getting wrinkles. It really just gives your face a beautiful glow.” (Source) I love the Arcona Cranberry Gommage Exfoliant:

“I also love a good day and nighttime moisturizer. You want to go a little heavier at night with your moisturizer.” (Source) My favorite night time moisturizer is Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator:

“Make sure you clean your skin really well. I am a big fan of wipes, and I also go over my skin with some regular ol’ alcohol.” (Source) OMG please do not go over your whole face with alcohol that is way too drying for anyone!! Use it as a spot treatment for emergencies only (see below). If you want a good toner that won’t dry you out try Alcohol Free Witch Hazel.

Makeup and Hair Breaks: “Between working all the time and doing appearances, I end up wearing a lot of makeup. One of the things I recommend is a makeup break. If you don’t have to put it on, don’t. Give your skin a rest. I recommend the same with hair. When I’m not on camera, I look a hot mess around my house! I do as little as possible to my hair; I just won’t touch it for a couple of days.” (Source)

Pimple prevention: “If I feel like a pimples coming up, all I do is dip a little Q-tip in the alcohol and I promise you it’s gone the next day.” (Source)

Seaweed body soap: “It keeps my skin beautiful. It’s just amazing. I get it from Dr. Kevin Brown from Precision. Seaweed body soap is incredible and you can find out on Instagram how to get all the stuff (I see it mentioned on the @precisionweightlosscenter IG, but it’s currently not listed for sale on their website), but it just lasts a long time and has a beautiful smell, which is important to me. It just leaves my skin moisturized. I don’t really even need to use lotion after I bathe in this soap because it’s just so moisturizing.” (Source) Another option is Seaweed Cleansing Soap by Mario Badescu:

iconBotox: “Portia [Williams] made a dig about Botox, I mean I’ve had a little bit of Botox, but like a drop … in between my eyebrows. I’m not like frozen face or anything.” (Source)

Under eye Fillers: Cynthia had under eye Hyaluroante injections with Dr. Simon Ourian in Beverly Hills to help with her under eye circles. (Source) “Getting back to the dark pigmentation under my eyes, he gave me this procedure. Hurt like hell, but it was worth it to just put fillers underneath my eyes because you know, I’m getting older, and as you get older, you start to lose fat on your face, which is good for me because I have great bone structure, so it just makes my stuff look even more chiseled. But under the eyes I just needed a little more fat back underneath. I had that procedure, which I highly recommend for my older sisters that may need a little help around the eyes.” (Source)

Cynthia’s before and after from Dr. Ourian’s IG

EPIONE Firm and Fade eye cream: “It’s from Dr. Simon Ourian and his place is called EpiOne. All the celebrities go to him. He’s on Instagram.  This amazing Fade and Firm eye cream that I use every night is incredible. It definitely helps me slay. Everyone comments on how young I look all the time, and I definitely think one of the things that you notice first when you look at someone is the eyes. If they look good and young and fresh, then you look good and young and fresh. It’s the only thing that I really try to stay on top of. I’m pretty good everywhere else on my face, but I don’t get a lot of sleep because I work all the time. I definitely try to take care of my eyes.” (Source)


Cynthia Bailey’s Makeup


The 3 beauty products that Cynthia absolutely cannot live without? “Rosebud salve for my lips (only $5.50!), Kevyn Aucoin concealer and Neutrogena makeup wipes. I am never without these three things.” (Source) I absolutely love Rosebud salve it’s amazing!

iconShe goes into detail about Kevyn Aucoin’s concealer which I need to finally try! “I have insomnia. I don’t sleep well at all. Dark circles run in my family. Kevyn Aucoin concealer is the truth. From the moment I was introduced to it years ago, I’ve been using it ever since. A little goes a long way. It lasts for a long time – over a year.” (Source) I believe she’s talking about the legendary Kevyn Auction Beauty The Sensual Skin Enhancer:

Lip Gloss: If I’ve learned anything from doing these housewives posts, it’s that a juicy lip-glossed lip is imperative to looking gorgeous and youthful. Cynthia love’s Carol’s Daughter Lip Gloss. Cynthia loves this brand to polish her pucker because she says it gives her “Just a little bit of pop without doing too much.” (Source) I bet Cynthia also loves Housewive’s favorite Chanel lipgloss:
iconBrow highlight: When you’re doing the smoky eye, to sweep a light-reflecting highlighting color just under your browline to really make your eyes pop. (Source) I’d recommend the Jouer Powder Highlighter in Topaz:

Eyebrows: “Having nice groomed eyebrows whether you wear makeup or not is key,” she said, adding, “Even if you’re a no make up girl, I still need you to have your eyebrows put together cause that just frames the face. Keep your brow game tight!” (Source) I actually saw my amazing threading lady after reading this advice and got cleaned up ASAP! My favorite brow pencil is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil

Cynthia Bailey’s Makeup Artists

One of Cynthia’s makeup artists that does an absolutely incredible job is Jeremy Dell aka @PaintedByJeremy. Here’s a few of his looks on Ms. Bailey:

In the photo above Cynthia is wearing Coloured Raine silk false lashes and Pat McGrath Golden Shiny Stick highlighter on her cheekbones for that glow! (Source)

In this look by @paintedbyjeremy Cynthia is wearing the Lorac Hot Flash Blush/Bronzer Duo and Lorac PRO + Fiber Mascara.
Another artist that has created some beautiful looks for Cynthia is Drini Marie aka @missdrini.

Drini used the MAC Warm Neutrals palette in this look which she calls her go-to.

Another gorgeous look by Drini:

Simply Shantá aka @simplystylzz has also stayed Cynthia’s makeup AND hair in the past too:


Cynthia Bailey’s Hair


Edge Control Pomade: On Instagram Cynthia recommends TStylez Hair Studio Snatched Sleek Edge Pomade.

Gail Hudson Magic Pomade. Cynthia swears by this hair product to keep her tresses tamed on the go. Serious shine factor. (Source) I couldn’t find this product anywhere so I’m not sure if it’s still sold.

Wigs and Hats: “I am the queen of throwing a wig on and calling it a day! They are easy to throw on, and even easier to take off. Hair is an accessory, and I love to change it up. I am in talks now about doing a wig line. I am definitely the Housewife to watch when it comes to setting new hair trends. I also wear a lot of hats on the show because they are easy & stylish. Watch out for a possible hat line as well.” (Source)

Hair Extensions: Cynthia wore some gorgeous hair extensions from Alor Hair recently:

@cynthiabailey10 #wwhl look wearing @alorhair ! Click link in Bio to shop !

A post shared by Alor Luxury Virgin Hair ✨ (@alorhair) on

Perfect Hair extensions. “I am the hair queen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I like to change it up. I’ve never been just a hairstyle. People actually look forward to seeing my different hairstyles on the show. I like to keep it fresh, and Perfect Hair extensions just gives me a lot of different textures and length to work with to always keep a new look going — to create new looks and styles. I really look at hair as an accessory. I think I change my hair like I change my jewelry, every day if I can. Look out for my Cynthia Bailey Perfect Hair collection wig line that is currently in development.” (Source) It’s unclear if these products actually exist, but I LOVE my Girl Get Glamorous Hair Extensions (use my code “Hollywood” for $ off).

Cynthia Bailey’s Body


Breast Implants: Cynthia Bailey admitted to getting breast implants during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. She said she got her breasts done after breastfeeding her daughter, Noelle. Cynthia said, “I filled up the air in the tires with mine. They’re cute, no one really knows I’ve had a boob job.” (Source)

Deodorant: Cynthia absolutely does not leave the house without a stick of deodorant. They don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing, and homegirl does not want to be caught smelling anything other than lovely. (Source)

Workouts: Cynthia (surprisingly) says she’s not a big workout girl. She prefers outdoor workouts- walks and runs around the park. She is also very into yoga. She likes the meditation portion and thinks it’s relaxing. She tries to start her day with 30 minutes of meditation as well. I’ve been taking amazing yoga classes through ClassPass recently.

Coconut Oil: Cynthia says “I use organic coconut oil as an overall body moisturizer,” she revealed to the Daily Dish. “I also use it to add shine to my hair.” (Source)

Cynthia Bailey’s Nails

“I stay with the neutrals. OPI has one color “Bubble Bath” and I just kinda stick with it all year round.”

Cynthia Bailey’s Perfume

“I like Incanto by Ferragamo. And I also like a lot of the men’s colognes, the cream ones. I get them for Peter and I use them too.”

Cynthia Bailey’s Social Media

One thing that was confirmed for me while researching this post is Cynthia Bailey is a true hustler. She does not shy from a celebrity endorsement and hopefully is securing her bag post-divorce. I tried to avoid items that she just seemed to be selling since you can never tell if a person actually likes or uses that product. If you want to see more products that Cynthia endorses and uses you can check out Cynthia Bailey’s instagram @Cynthia Bailey10.

Cynthia Bailey’s Twitter:

Cynthia Bailey’s Snapchat: @cynthiabailey

Cynthia Bailey’s Website:

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