Tinder Tips for Beginners

A friend asked me for some Tinder tips for someone new to the app and I realized that this would make a great post! So here we go:



1. Skype or FaceTime with someone before you meet them. It’s a great way to gauge if there’s any real chemistry and to confirm what a person looks like before you meet them. When you’re reading text someone’s sending you it’s easy to project whatever personality traits you wish you were seeing on to them. I’ve thought to myself “this dude is so funny!” then re-read the conversation and realized that nope, he didn’t say anything funny at all, I’m the only one who has been funny in this convo. It’s easier to get a sense of how someone truly is when you can see their face and hear their voice. If someone won’t do this with you they have something to hide or if they say they don’t have the equipment then let’s get real, can they really afford to date you??

2. Do your research. Google the people you’re talking to, browse through their Instagram, see what’s public on their Facebook, etc. If you’re in LA find their IMDB too. This will help you confirm information that they’ve told you. I’ve caught several guys lying about their age this way (both older and younger… WTF). Also, a recent study found that 30% of Tinder users are married and an additional 12% are in a relationship!

3. Use good pictures. Have more than 1 picture, have at least one picture that’s a full body shot, if you’re in a picture with a bunch of people that look like you crop them out so it’s less confusing. If you are lacking in pictures to use have a girl you know and trust take a few of you.

4. Don’t let people waste your time. If you want to go out on dates and meet people, don’t let people suck you into endless banter in the chat feature. If they haven’t asked you out within one week they’re probably not going to. Even if they’re currently out of town they should be asking you to make a plan with them for a specific day and time when they get back. If they say you should grab drinks sometime that doesn’t count either. Check out my post on how to go from chatting to actually meeting up.

5. Try Hinge instead. Hinge is a swipe app similar to Tinder, but it only matches you with people you have mutual friends with. I find the selection on Hinge better looking and better educated and they also seem to have better and more interesting jobs. It’s also fun to guess if your mutual friend has already been on a date with them hehe. Hinge also makes your Facebook relationship status known on your Hinge profile and there’s no way to remove it. This means less married people and people in relationships!

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