If He Ignores Valentine’s Day He Ain’t the One

Are you dating someone who is acting like they have zero clue that Valentine’s Day is this weekend? Maybe you’ve only been on a handful of dates and aren’t exclusive yet so you feel like you’re in an awkward limbo state where you don’t know if it’s too early to mention the “V” word. Here’s some excuses you might have told yourself or some well intentioned friends and family members might have hypothesized:

  • You haven’t been dating that long and he doesn’t want to “freak you out”
  • He’s not into celebrating holidays
  • He’s really busy and forgot, he never even knows what day it is!
  • He thinks Valentines day is a stupid Hallmark holiday
  • He’s preoccupied with the non-romantic plans he has (going out of town, someone is coming to visit, etc)
  • He’s not American

You might have even fantasized about having a conversation with him where he says “How do you even pronounce that!? Valen-teens-day? Valen-toons-day? I’ve never heard of it!” Or maybe you’re imagining that he’s at home thinking “Maybe if I just don’t acknowledge it at all she’ll forget all about it!” Well guess what mother fuckers- we have calendars and can read. We also spent years upon years in Elementary school practicing delivering Valentine’s day cards and candy and you were there too so we know you know what’s up.

I’m not going to address those excuses individually because we both know that the answer is in the title of this post- if he ignores Valentine’s day he ain’t the one. The real reasons he’s acting like this are: he’s not that into you, he’s dating other people who he likes more than you, he’s lazy, he’s inconsiderate, he thinks he can get away with it, he doesn’t value you or see anything serious for the two of you in the future, he just ain’t the one.

The purpose of this post is not to bash guys, it’s to tell you you deserve better. You deserve someone who thinks you’re hot and cool and interesting who values you and has no problem showing you just that. Even if you’re newly dating he absolutely has to acknowledge it and try to make plans with you if not on the 14th then on the 13th or 15th. I also don’t want to hear about how much “pressure” is put on guys during Valentine’s day. Don’t worry you’ve worn us all down so much that if we get a single gas station rose we’ll be happy. I can’t remember the last time a friend said “And he only got me x for Valentine’s day! That’s it!”

Don't make excuses! If he ignores Valentine's Day he ain't the one!

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