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My Top 3 Online Dating Tips

I’ve been dating online for over 10 years now. I’ve helped friends with their dating profiles and after taking my advice they have found serious long term relationships, gotten engaged, and some are now married and have kids together. I think that relationships with other people and the experiences you have with those people are what life’s all about.

When you begin dating online or using dating apps it can be overwhelming. In the beginning you can get so much attention it feels like you’ll need to hire an assistant to organize all of your potential matches. Then after a few days or weeks it feels like the exciting spotlight you had is now gone and you’re just having the same boring conversation over and over.

Maybe you send out messages and no one ever responds. Or you wonder why you’re not seeing anyone you’re interested in or getting those exciting “It’s a match!” pop-ups anymore. How can you re-ignite your Tinder flame and feel hot again? How can you get people to turn into heart eye emojis that immediately swipe right on your profile? How can you make sure you’re matching with the right kind of people? How can you stop the never ending supply of pen pals that want to text you all day and never meet up?

I’ve made a guide with my top 3 all time best online dating tips. Whether you’re just getting started dating online or you’re a veteran  online dater who is feeling burnt out on online dating these tips are for you!

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The Ultimate Breakup and Recovery Guide

Break up pain is the worst. The sadness, feelings of loss, the disappointment, fear, and hole you feel inside of your heart can be all too real. It can feel like you’ll never recover. Or if you do, you’ll never find someone as good or ever be as happy as you once were. Add a healthy dose of self loathing and “What did I do wrong!?” on top of that and you are under a garbage heap of feelings that it can feel impossible to ever escape.

Want to figure out why you broke up, do’s and don’ts for short term and long term recovery from a break up, what the hell you’re supposed to do now?, if things will ever get better, or how to improve your self-esteem that feels like it’s in the toilet? This is the post for you. Or maybe you are thinking “Why am I even reading this? I’m smart I can get over this it will just take time.” Keep reading to find out why you can’t overcome a breakup with just logic. Continue reading The Ultimate Breakup and Recovery Guide

If He Ignores Valentine’s Day He Ain’t the One

Are you dating someone who is acting like they have zero clue that Valentine’s Day is this weekend? Maybe you’ve only been on a handful of dates and aren’t exclusive yet so you feel like you’re in an awkward limbo state where you don’t know if it’s too early to mention the “V” word. Here’s some excuses you might have told yourself or some well intentioned friends and family members might have hypothesized: Continue reading If He Ignores Valentine’s Day He Ain’t the One

Texting Etiquette for Dating

To text or not to text? There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there when it comes to texting etiquette and after thinking about it and discussing it with some friends I have come to the conclusion that if you want to text someone, just go ahead and do it. Don’t over think it, don’t try to cleverly craft a the “perfect text” that takes an hour, several revisions, and at least 3 friend’s approvals. Just send the text you were thinking of and be done with it. Now let’s address some fears: Continue reading Texting Etiquette for Dating