Dating on Bumble as a Millennial Video

So my friend Rachel is getting her Masters at USC and asked if she could interview me all about Bumble and dating as a millennial. I said sure! And she really blew me away with how amazing the video came out!

Here’s her description: “Dating organically is a thing of the past, the new trendy and relevant way to meet the love of your life is through dating apps.  Specifically Bumble has taken off as a successful and woman run company over the last few years. It urges its female users to initiate conversation and even holds events regularly for their members. I will follow Lindsay Cockburn, a doctor and blogger, in search of love in Los Angeles county, to a bumble event, where she will eat, drink, work out and possibly mingle. Then interview her about the new way of bumble app dating, the upsides and challenges that she encounters and why she feels this is necessary to meet new people in today’s society.”

Bumble Los Angeles Events

This was actually my 2nd Bumble event and I went to a 3rd, a Happy Hour Mixer at Crustacean Beverly Hills, later that week and it was fabulous. Bumble hosts amazing events! If you want to find out when the next event will be check out the Bumble Los Angeles Facebook Page.

Here’s some photos I posted on my Instagram @blushinginhollywood from the Bumble X Bloggers Who Brunch LA event 5/27/18 at the Americana in Glendale.


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💖Show Up💖 Before going to the @bloggerswhobrunchla @bumble event on Saturday I scrolled through the @bloggerswhobrunchla Instagram and literally thought “they would probably never post a photo of me since I don’t look like a real blogger like the rest of the girls on their page.” How sad is that!?! Also I’ve had my blog for nearly 4 years now, you would think I would feel less Imposter Syndrome by now! Last week’s Motivation Monday video was about showing up and I’m glad I took my own advice and showed up at this event! Receiving the kind words of encouragement from the new friends I made and seeing my photo reposted is awesome. Receiving outside validation is great and all, but what’s most important is that it’s reminding me of something I already know deep down about myself- I’m not a fraud. I show up, share my life and experiences, try to show the real story and not just the pretty version, and I try to share how I’m overcoming things that we all struggle with. I may not do it exactly how everyone else does, but that doesn’t make me any less of a blogger. It’s easy to say we have to stop comparing ourselves to others, but much harder to actually do. I hope me keeping it real with this struggle/small victory makes you realize that you are not alone if you have these imposter feelings or comparison habits. Let’s try to just be the best versions of ourselves and only compare current us to past us to celebrate how far we’ve come 🍾🍾🍾✨If you missed my tips on showing up check out my highlights✨

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